A high-end, responsible leather goods label.

Unique designs for lasting and ethical fashion.


“Nothing is lost, everything is transformed”
The timeless elegance of high-end leather that respects the planet.

The handbag collection

Le singulier - noir

Le désiré - camel

L'élégant - bicolore

Alamencía, the story of a designer.

Fashion has always been in my DNA. I am a firm believer that style and the environment can be compatible.

This is my story.

Accessories that are unique by design

Limited collections, a timeless, elegant and minimalist style, designed with you in mind. Each item is designed to turn heads and last for a long time.

High-end, upcycled leather

A responsible choice, an impeccable style. Treat yourself to the luxury of high-end leather goods, while also making an ethical and responsible choice.

Combining know-how and passion

Each item is made with love and passion, to offer you a high-end product that is proof of my commitment to quality and excellence.

Our values