Alamencía, the story of an ethical and responsible leather goods label.

The timeless elegance of leather, respect for the planet and human beings.

Leather goods and fashion as our DNA.

Alamencía is primarily me, Lucie, the designer. A lover of fashion since my earliest
childhood, even as a little girl I used to try to recreate the styles of the female celebrities who inspired me. So it was only natural that I turned to fashion and luxury in my studies. It was during work placements in Paris that I fell in love with leather goods, accessories and leather in general. And out of this grew a desire to bring my own designs to life through my own label.

For ethical and ecological fashion.

Because I do not believe style should be at the expense of the environment and mankind, I spent many years working on how to create a responsible leather goods label. In my search for a balance between fashion and ecology I found answers when I discovered upcycled leather. This material, rejected by luxury labels, was considered waste. I decided to upcycle it to create items for a collection that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Passion as a source of inspiration.

When I am asked where I find inspiration for my collections, I reference classic leather goods designs. I like updating these minimalist and elegant lines and, to do so, I look at the beauty around me. An outfit worn by a woman I pass in the street, the shape of an iconic accessory; everything that catches my eye nurtures my creativity.
For me, elegance cannot be fleeting. That’s why I design handbags and accessories that are timeless and made to last. Functionality, quality and elegance are my by-words when I draw my creations.

The origins of Alamencía.

When it came to finding a name for my label, I naturally turned to the two cities that I hold dearest.

Firstly, Valencia where I studied. An absolutely charming city whose beauty and culture won me over straight away.

And then Alameda, on the other side of the Atlantic, near San Francisco.

Here I discovered Californian culture as an au pair. Alamencía was born already enriched by my travels and my experiences.