Privacy Policy

SOHELIE (the “Company”) is mindful of the rights of individuals, particularly with regard to automated processing. Because of this, and because it wishes to be transparent with its customers, the Company has set up a policy covering all such processing, the reasons why it is carried out and the means of action available to individuals so that they can best exercise their rights.
For further information on the protection of personal data, please consult the website:
The version of this Privacy Policy currently online is the only one that can be enforced during the entire period of use of the site and until a new version replaces it. Capitalised terms have the meaning given to them in the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use accessible under this link: CGV

Article 1- Data collected

The Company makes sure it collects and processes only the data strictly necessary for the end purposes of the processing it carries out. The data collected by the Company is necessary for the provision of services and the sale of Products. All the data processed comes from the registration of information from persons who have directly communicated it to the Company. Some information is mandatory because it is essential for the processing of your requests, while other information is optional, enabling us to get to know you better. Mandatory information is marked with an asterisk on the input form. Unless otherwise indicated on the input form, the personal data collected by the Company is not passed on to third parties.
The Company guarantees that the information recorded on the Website is treated as strictly confidential.
The personal data collected is as follows:
– Surname and first name
– Postal address
– Email address
– Telephone number
– Date of birth
– Financial data: as part of the payment and services offered on the Platform, the Platform records financial data relating to the Customer's credit card.

Article 2 – Right of access, rectification and removal of your data

In accordance with the regulations applicable to personal data, users have the following rights:
– The right of access: they can exercise their right of access so they can see personal data concerning them by writing to the email address mentioned below. In this case, before complying with this right, the Company may request proof of the user's identity in order to verify the request is genuine;
– The right of rectification: if the personal data held by the Website are inaccurate, users may request that the information be updated;
– The right to deletion of data: users may request the deletion of their personal data, in accordance with applicable data protection laws;
– The right to limitation of processing: users may request the Company limit the processing of personal data to the hypothetical circumstances provided in the GDPR.
– The right to object to the processing of data: users may object to their data being processed in accordance with the hypotheses provided in the GDPR;
– The right to portability: they can request that the Company gives them the personal data they have provided in order to pass them on to another Website.
You can exercise this right by contacting us at the following address: or by clicking on the following link:

All requests must be accompanied by a photocopy of a valid document proving your identity, signed by the user and mentioning the address at which the Company may contact the user.
A reply will be sent within one month of receipt of the request. This one-month period may be extended by two months if the complexity of the request and/or the number of requests so requires.

Article 3 – Alerts

The identified user can subscribe to the alerts offered by the Website in case of stock shortage. The user can unsubscribe from the alerts to which they have subscribed at any time in the "My account" section.

Article 4 – Newsletters

The user may subscribe to the Company's newsletter and thus choose to be informed at regular intervals of the offers proposed on the Website.

The user may at any time modify the information they wish to receive or unsubscribe by clicking on the link provided for this purpose at the bottom of each newsletter.

Article 5 – Use of data

The personal data collected from users is intended to provide the Website's services, improve them and maintain a secure environment. The legal basis for the processing is the execution of the contract between the user and the Website. More specifically, the uses are as follows
– Access and use of the Website by the user;
– Management of the operation and optimisation of the Website;
– Implementation of user assistance;
– Verification, identification and authentication of data transmitted by the user;
– Personalisation of services by displaying advertisements based on the user's browsing history and preferences;
– Prevention and detection of fraud, malicious software and management of security incidents;
– Management of possible disputes with users;
– Sending commercial and advertising information, based on the user's preferences;
– Organising the conditions of use of the Payment Services.

Personal data is used by the Company and its co-contractors for the execution of the contract and to ensure the efficiency of the sale and delivery of the Products.

The category or categories of co-contractors are:
– Transport providers
– Payment service providers.

Some pages of the Website may contain web beacons that allow the number of visitors to the site to be counted and/or provide the Company with a number of indicators.
These web beacons may be used with some of our partners, in particular in order to measure and improve the efficiency of the Website. In any event, the information obtained from these tags is used solely to gather statistics on the number of visitors to certain pages of the Website in order to better serve our Customers.

Article 6 – Personal Data Retention Policy

User data will not be kept beyond the period strictly necessary for the purposes pursued as set out herein and in accordance with the applicable regulations and laws. In this respect, data used for canvassing purposes may be kept for a maximum of 3 years from the closure of the user's account or from the last contact with the prospect concerned. The user's data is deleted when the retention periods expire.

Nevertheless, the Company reserves the right to store the user's Personal Data for a longer
period of time in order to comply with legal obligations and, in particular, with applicable limitation periods.
In order to define an adequate data retention period, the Company mainly uses the following criteria:

– The user's Personal Data relating to their account, payments and use of the services are kept for the duration of the account/contractual relationship and then in accordance with the applicable limitation periods (generally 5 years);
– Where the user has consented to receiving commercial prospecting, the Company retains the user's Personal Data until the user expresses a wish not to receive further communications or after a period of inactivity lasting 3 years.
– Where the user's Personal Data is collected in the context of requests/queries relating to the Website, services and Products, the Company retains such Personal Data for the period necessary to process such requests;
– When cookies or other trackers are deposited on the user's terminal, they are kept in accordance with the legal obligations and recommendations issued by the authorities (i.e. 13 months in France for cookies and trackers not essential to the functioning of the Website).

Article 7 – Use of cookies

What is a "cookie"?
A cookie is a computer file in text format that is stored on your hard drive when you visit a website.

The cookies we use enable us to store data about you in order to personalise and facilitate your browsing during subsequent visits. They also enable our partners to offer you targeted advertising based on your browsing habits or to measure the number of visitors to our site in order to improve its performance and ergonomics.

A cookie does not allow us to identify you; it only records your IP address (your computer’s identification number). Cookies are deposited on your computer for a period of time determined by their function, but the validity cannot exceed 13 months for so-called "permanent" cookies.
Cookies do not cause any damage to your device, but make it easier for us to find your preferences, pre-fill certain fields and adapt the content of our services.

Only you choose whether you want to have cookies saved on your device and you can easily control this. For specific information on managing and controlling cookies, please refer to the specific section of the page (link to the relevant paragraph). Your choices regarding cookies.

The Company employs the services of AXEPTIO for the management of and consent to cookies by users.

7.1 The different types of cookies used

– Technical cookies: these cookies allow you to browse the Website and are essential for the proper functioning of the Website. Their deactivation will lead to difficulties in using the Website and will prevent access to certain functions.

– Personalisation, identification and authentication cookies: these cookies allow the user's preferences and choices to be memorised in order to personalise the user's experience on the Website.

– Browsing and purchase analysis cookies: these cookies collect information on how users use the Website (the number of visits, the number of pages consulted and visitor activity). These cookies also allow us to identify and resolve problems with the functioning of the Website and to improve it.

– Advertising cookies: these cookies record information in order to send the user personalised advertisements tailored to their centres of interest. They also help the Company to count the activity of the advertising spaces and to measure the audience. The Website does not manage the data collected by social networks via buttons.

7.2 Deleting cookies

The user may at any time deactivate the cookies stored on their terminal. To do so, they simply need to select the appropriate settings in their browser. However, this deactivation will result in preventing access to certain functions of the Website allowing the personalisation of the services and Products offered by the Company.

The user may configure their browser to accept or reject all cookies, to inform them when a cookie is issued and to provide information as to its duration of validity and its content, as well as to allow them to refuse its storage on their terminal and delete cookies periodically.

7.3 Disabling cookies via the main browsers

Internet Explorer
1) In the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options"
2) Then click on the "Privacy" tab
3) Click on the "Advanced" button to bring up the "Advanced Privacy Settings" window.
4) Check the box "Override automatic cookie handling", select "Decline" and save your
preferences by clicking "OK".

Mozilla Firefox
1) In the menu at the top of the page click on "Tools", then "Options"
2) Select the "Privacy" tab
3) Set the "Retention Rules" menu, click on "Use custom settings for history".
4) Uncheck the "accept third-party cookies" box and save your preferences by clicking "OK".

Google Chrome
1) In the menu, click on "Settings" and then on "Show advanced settings"
2) Select the "Privacy" tab and then the "Content Settings" menu.
3) Check the "Block cookies and data from third-party sites" box and save your preferences
by clicking "OK".

1) In the menu at the top of the page, click on "Safari", then "Preferences".
2) Click on the "Privacy" tab
3) Uncheck the "Accept cookies" box and save your preferences.