Manufacturing: bringing together quality and ecology

Made entirely by hand

Determined to find a sustainable solution for the manufacture of my collections, I spent two
years researching how I could combine responsible and sensible production with exceptional quality. In the end, I decided to have my handbags made by hand in Spain, near my Andalusian roots. Each item is made with integrity and care, using quality materials, by qualified artisans in Ubrique, renowned worldwide for its know-how in leather goods. And because I wanted to maintain a sensible production level, I decided to work with reasonably- sized family leather goods firms, where this know-how is passed down from generation to generation.

The choice of materials: commitment and quality

Leather: a meticulous selection

To ensure the quality of luxury leather was in line with my ecological and sustainable
approach, I turned to leather from a major Spanish tannery. Naturally hard-wearing, it is designed to withstand the passage of time. So your leather handbags and accessories will accumulate even more character over time.

Upcycling: adding value and protecting the environment through recycling

For my first collection, I used dormant leather stock from one of the best tanneries in Barcelona. This leather, rejected by luxury labels, thus enjoys a second life. As a result, it may not always be possible to restock a colour or type of leather.

True to my values and commitments, every day I hunt out leather to recycle and leathers that appeal to me for my designs, whilst also sticking to sensible production levels. This is why my collections are limited: in order to prevent overproduction.

My future collections will remain true to my values and commitments. As far as possible, I will use dormant leather. And where this is not possible, I will manufacture my leather goods in limited quantities in order to continue to fight overproduction.

Prioritising local channels

I could not imagine creating a high-end, eco-responsible label without prioritising local
channels at every stage of design and manufacture. So 90% of materials come from Spain, 5% from France and 5% from Belgium. I have also chosen to dispatch by lorry to limit Alamencía’s carbon footprint.

All the designs, and also all the packaging for delivery, are made from eco-responsible materials that really respect the environment:

– Leather: Upcycling – Provenance Spain
– Tissue – Biosourced – Provenance Europe
– Ribbon – Recycled polyester – Provenance Spain

Centralising production, sourcing materials from the right place and working closely with artisans and their know-how are aspects of my business that matter a great deal to me.